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Niu by Vikings

        NIU. Pronounced Nee-uh. It means 9 in Viking language which is a significant number in Norse mythology. But aside from all these facts, what I can say is that NIU by Vikings, is probably one of the classiest non-hotel buffets I have been to!

Niu by Vikings

        NIU is situated at the top most floor of SM Aura. Being on the highest floor of this premium mall adds a feel of exclusivity to it. As soon as you alight the elevator that leads you to the top floor, you will already get that wow-factor as soon as you see their entrance.

Niu by Vikings

        And you get more wow-factor as soon as you see their interiors. Interior is very very classy. It's like a combination of modern with vintage touches. 

wine wall

A collection of wine by the glass window

Niu by Vikings

        NIU has private rooms for private functions as well. And being inside one makes you feel like royalty! Like the photo above. But this is not even the biggest function room that you can book...

Niu by Vikings

This one is! 

Niu by Vikings

And I love the baroque paintings on the wall! 

Niu by Vikings

        Moving on to the stations. The first time I toured the place, I remember thinking how long the place is. That was a long walk from the front to the back. But this is also good news because this means the buffet also seems never ending! 

Niu by Vikings

        The first station you will actually see is the dessert station. So when you go, make sure to walk all the way at the back, and work your way to the front.

italian section

So starting from the back, you'll see the French and Italian section

pizza toss

Chef tossing a dough...

pizza station

Pizzas and Strombolis...

carving station

        At the carving station, there's Herb Spice Roasted US Prime, in the middle is a New Zealand Garlic and Rosemary Shredded Leg of Lamb, and then last but not the least, the Beef ribs.

the pickiest eater

Which Richie gladly and happily devoured!

carving station

There's also Belly-chon, and Salmon Couliebiae.


And this beautiful (not to mention HUGE) roasted turkey!

foi gras

There's Even a Foi Gras Station! 


A nice selection of seafood

grill station

And other meats, waiting for be grilled!

chinese buffet

There's also a wide choice of Chinese Dishes to choose from! 

I loved their dimsum and Richie enjoyed the Sweet & Sour Pork With Peaches! 

custard bun

Their Custard Bun is pure love!!!

pan-asia station

There's also a beautiful Pan Asian Station... 

drinks station

        And then the beverage station which includes over 7 juices, sodas, and alcohol which are all part of the buffet fee. There's even Japanese Sake for those interested!

japanese food

Next comes the Japanese station
 (as usual, the Shrimp tempura was in demand)


There's a Yakitori station
(Richie went straight for the Chicken Bum, Chicken SKin and Pork Belly!


and a beautifully presented Sushi station.

Niu by Vikings

Next up, big metal shelves of Greens. A vegetarian's heaven!

(Richie said he didn't recall seeing this station)

cold cuts

then choice of premium Cold cuts and fine breads...

Niu by Vikings

and finally, an eclectic selection of desserts, such as cakes and other pastries..


And Ice cream and Halo Halo Stations. 

            Truthfully, the Savory dishes were stunning and on the whole, rather excellent, but the desserts left much to be desired. This is something that we hope can be improved in the future. 

        NIU definitely has a complete Culinary menu from east to west, containing Mediterranean,  Chinese,  Japanese,  French  and  Italian  cuisine! It's really a treat to be in here!

Niu by Vikings

        I also like to highlight again how courteous and helpful their staff are. I took a stolen shot of this waiter helping out the old lady get every single food for her :-)

       For you lazy bones, you can actually ask the waiters to get food for you! But then again, the fun of a buffet is choosing your food right? Besides, you could use the exercise! (I'm talking to you, Mr. Zamora)

kiddie plate

        They also helped Rain's yaya by leading her to stations they feel kids love. And they came back with this fun kiddie plate of chicken and pizza and a chocolate cupcake for our little one!


They also had some carbonara cooked for her!

gummy worms

Here's Rain happily chewing on some gummy worms for dessert! By the way, kids are free!


Niu by Vikings rate

        Here's the rate for Niu buffet. I feel the price is very reasonable for the quality of the place. Niu at SM Aura Skypark is open for lunch everyday from 11:30 to 2:30pm, and then for dinner, they are open everyday as well from 5:30 to 10:00 pm.

Niu by Vikings

        It's so nice to dine in posh places once in a while. And Niu by Vikings is definitely a much more luxurious place if you compare it to the very popular Vikings Buffet. Thank you to Raquel and the whole team for having us! This is definitely the type of place to celebrate special occasions with the family and also for corporate dinners as well!

Official website:

Like Niu by Vikings on Facebook and Instagram at @niubyvikings.   

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