Monday, October 20, 2014


       When I first visited Osaka Ohsho, I was expected to be blown away by what they claimed to be "The World's #1 Gyoza". No doubt about it, it was very excellent Gyoza - definitely among the best I've ever had-, but to me, it wasn't really mind blowing. I realized the problem wasn't in their version of Gyoza.. It was Gyoza itself. I mean, as much as I enjoy Gyoza, how exactly do you elevate ground meat and cabbage in a pan fried wrapper, to the next level?

      Rina joked, "I'm sure you'd say it was "Mind-Blowing" if it had bacon in it, right?". I smiled back at her and winked, "Right". 

     I don't know if someone from Osaka Ohsho was listening, but months later, Osaka Ohsho has gone and done it. They made a Bacon Gyoza. Call me biased, but now, I'm on board. 

     To me, THIS truly is the World's Number 1 Gyoza. 

      Osaka Ohsho has easily become one of my "go-to" restaurants when we're at SM Megamall. Yes, they are known as Gyoza specialists, but it was their entrees, (Particularly the Black Vinegar Chicken) that initially got my undivided attention. 

   So I guarantee you there was no arm twisting needed when I was given an opportunity to try out their new entrees. 

    I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the Mabo Tofu Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (P380/P650 Set). I wasn't a huge fan of the Fuwatoro in the first place, because I found it a bit bland, flavor-wise. 

      However this time, the fluffy omelette that wraps the premium steamed Japanese Koshihikari Rice was now bathed in a sauce that invoked the more pronounced flavors of sweet and spicy, with chunks of tofu and ground pork giving the dish and added savoriness. 

       The Curry Cheese Tonkatsu Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (P450/P695 Set) was more of a no-brainer for me to enjoy. Pork Tonkatsu stuffed with gooey melted cheese? Check. Curry Sauce? Check. Japanese Koshihikari Rice enveloped in a fluffy egg omelette? Check. 

        In other words, there's nothing NOT to love about the Curry Cheese Tonkatsu Fuwatoro Tenshin Han. This, like the Mabo Tofu Fuwatoro Tenshin Han, is available in a set meal that is good for sharing. The set meal includes 6pcs of Gyoza, two bowls of Miso Soup, and two fruit bowls


        What makes a good Gyoza? I always look at how the wrap is pan fried, because the minced meat and cabbage mixture doesn't change very often, from restaurant to restaurant, right? 


       Introducing, the best Gyoza in the whole wide universe (in my humble opinion)!!

       Osaka Ohsho's Bacon & Cheese Gyoza (6pcs 190/12pcs 380) adds bits of of honeycured bacon and a blend of gourmet cheeses, to go with the minced pork, and cabbage, with touches of garlic & ginger for a little added flair. 

        The smokey-sweetness of the bacon gives the gyoza a new dimension, raising it to new heights. 

         And true enough, the bacon made it even better.   

         The other new item is the Peanut Butter and Banana Gyoza (P210)! This new addition to Osaka Ohsho's Dessert menu is made with Jiff Crunchy peanut butter and finely diced Caramelized bananas is a stunning pan fried Japanese wrapper. 

      The crunchy peanut butter, fused with the sweet bananas, works together to delight your senses. A scoop of ice cream prevents the peanut butter from becoming too rich, leaving you scrambling for another bite. 

       Truly a wonderful way to innovate the Gyoza, and take it to the next level. 

     I may not have been truly convinced in my first visit, but this time, with the help of a bit of bacon, I'm singing a different tune. 

      Osaka Ohsho's Bacon and Cheese Gyoza is by far my favorite Gyoza among those out there today.

Osaka Ohsho
3rd Floor
SM Mega Fashion Hall

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