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        If you ever plan to watch a movie and pig out at the same time, may I suggest you watch at Greenhills Promenade? So you can also order your movie food from Munchtown! The fun thing about Munchtown is their extensive menu. You may have already seen our post about all those Munchtown hotdogs. If you have then you'll already know what I mean.

        And the fact that we're doing another post about Munchtown only means one thing... There's more food we'd like to share with you!  This time, it's all about PIZZA!!!

        Munchtown's Pizza is not your usual commercialized round pizza. It's got a more rustic oval-like shape that's 8 inches with 6 square slices. You can say it looks homemade! We got to try all 6 flavors.

cheese pizza

        Starting with the basics, the Cheese Pizza (P330). After all, who doesn't like cheese? Less is more! Made from fresh mozzarella and cheddar cheese, nestled atop a crispy crust.


        One can never go wrong with Pepperoni Pizza (P390). Aside from the delicious tasty pepperoni, there are also slices of cherry tomato for added zing, resting in a bed of melted mozzarella cheese.

prosciutto pizza

        Next is my always-favorite Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza (P390). I love the saltiness of prosciutto balanced with the freshness and herb-y peppery nutty taste of arugula. I always like to believe it's healthy because of it hahaha! (Whatever helps me sleep at night, right?)

Margherita Pizza

        For vegetarians, there's the Margherita Pizza (P330) with only fresh mozzarella, basil, cherry tomatoes, salt, and extra virgin olive oil. I liked it! It was filling enough to make you forget that you're eating a vegetarian pizza. 

Marinara Pizza

        Another pizza with no meat is the Marinara Pizza (P330). It's got fresh mozzarella, bell peppers, oregano leaves, capers, olives, and cherry tomatoes. It's a tad more flavorful and colorful than the Margherita and it's got more kick somehow.

Vongole Pizza

        Seafood lover? No worries they have a seafood pizza too! The Vongole Pizza (P390). Enjoy a pizza topped with clams (with the shells on for presentation), chili flakes, garlic, parsley oil, grana padana, and salt. 

        Imagine taking these beautiful pizzas with you in the theater? But you don't have to imagine because you can! That's the beauty of Munchtown! Get your Munchtown favorites delivered to you inside the theater! (If I haven't stressed so enough haha!)

Check out their other menu items:

munchtown menu

munchtown menu

munchtown menu

munchtown menu

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