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        Yes, there are a lot of breakfast places sprouting all around the metro. But they all usually serve the same thing. Bacon and eggs, pancakes, waffles, tapsilogs and such. Which is why I'm always excited to find a new breakfast place that is unafraid to take breakfast classics to a whole other level! 

        I am so ecstatic about this post because Pi: Breakfast & Pies is my heaven on Earth!!!

      Pi Breakfast and Pies is a brilliant breakfast restaurant created by Chef Ed Bugia. The same Chef behind Pino and Pipino Restaurants, and also Burger Project. I was actually surprised that he bakes well! The concept is to serve breakfast plus something that is not usually served in restaurants here... PIES! Sweet and savory pies to fill your tummy's desire! 

The place is quite small and located beside Pino at Malingap St., at Teacher's Village. I love the sophisticated yet rustic bakery feel of the place! I'm just worried that when people start discovering this place it will always be packed huhuhu (Too late. It already happened). And YES, It's that good!

They have lots of baked goodies!

Love their chandelier!

Let's first start with some cookies and milk and more!

        They serve yummy cold milk in bottles as a great breakfast refreshment. But these are not just any ordinary milk. They serve Cereal milk (P125)! You know the taste of milk after your cereal has been swimming in them? That's exactly the taste which I've always loved as a kid. They have Cornflakes Milk (my personal fave!) and Fruit Loops milk! 

        are Compost Cookies (P45 per piece). Aside from being super chewy and not overly sweet (just the way I like it), you get a surprise in every bite. Because they throw in chunks of whatever goodies they have in the kitchen such as chocolate chips, maybe some pretzels, or even some potato chips! The P45 price per piece is reeally worth it!

Chef Ed also makes these yummy Lace Cookies (P35 per piece). At first I thought it was "Lays" like the potato chips so I got extra excited hahaha! Wouldn't that be awesome though? Anyway back to the Lace Cookies. They are a sandwich of ultra thin cookies with dark chocolate in the middle. Thank you Chef Ed for using dark chocolate  Yum!!! These lace cookies are all kinds of chewy. So unapologetically chewy that they stick on your molars. 

This Crunchy oats thingy is called the Muesli (P165). And I don't usually like oats but this one I loved! The blend of the yogurt and the sweet honey really worked well! Make sure you order this so the oats will absorb the oil you'll get from the main entrees hehe. 

Dark Chocolate Champorado (P155) served with cereal milk and a cream cheese. Boom! A pinoy breakfast favorite with a twist!

Did you notice how reasonable the prices are? :-)

Okay moving on to the meals!!!! Woot woot!!!

Chef Ed's Thick Homemade Brioche French Toast (P185) is very light and really soft. The sweetness of it is subtle, like the level of sweetness that milk has (best way I could describe it). It's really good and not overly heavy!

The Chicken and Waffles (P165) is unique! It noticeably doesn't really have a piece of chicken. What it has is chicken skin that is deep-fried in a way that it doesn't have that fishy taste if you know what I mean (malansa). The waffle has it's own trick up its sleeves too! When you taste it you'll actually see that the batter used has jalapenos and corn kernels for an added kick!

       Introducing the Pi Platter (P625)! This is a really huge platter that a group can share (except Richie. I'm sure he won't share hehe) just look at that huge plate with breakfast meaty goodness! The sausage is seasoned well and really stuffed with a whole lotta meat. The corned beef is second to my favorite! It's the first corned beef I've seen that has a lot of fat which makes it very tasty! The bacon is my favorite! There's a tinge of sweetness amidst the saltiness. I really loved it! The platter also comes with pancakes. The style of Chef Ed's pancakes are more gummy than fluffy which is how he prefers it. Gummy in a good way. It's not hard at all!

I dream of this Caramelized Spam (P245) until this very day. I love spam! I love my spam in thick cuts. Which is how Chef Ed diced the spam in this unusual breakfast dish. The spam is glazed in sugar so it's sweet. And to break off the sweetness, Chef Ed brilliantly topped the rice off with Kimchi! Who would have thunk that that would work?!? It's awesome!!!

Check out these fancy looking eggs benedict! The Eggs Benny (P275) is a beautiful harmony of freshly baked English muffins, 6-minute poached eggs, and BACON! (I can hear Richie say "MINE!!!")


Check They also have the Eggs Sammy (P275) which has Salmon instead of Bacon. (I can hear Richie say "YOURS!")

You can also have a Mexican breakfast with this Huevos Rancheros (P275). it has Italian sausage, veggies, egg, cheese, beans, chickan skin (oh yeah!) and bacon (OH YEAH!) mixed together in a skillet. Muy Sabrosos!

Another masterpiece is this Steak and Eggs. Of course! What's a breakfast place without steak and eggs right? Enjoy this generous slice of Kitayama Beef Wagyu blanketed in two sunny side up eggs, all laying in a bed of bagnet fat fried fries (oh my) and a side of bacon Bearnaise sauce. Don't worry there's also a salad side of raw spinach and tomatoes so you won't get totally guilty hehehe. I actually liked the taste of the salad!

And finally, the stars of the day! Chef Ed's brilliant pies!

The Crack Pie (P155) is a soft sweet buttery slice of heaven! 

The Chocolate Raspberry (P160) is really fudgy. Dark chocolate fudge interestingly topped with berry jam to balance the chocolateyness. 

The Candy Bar Pie (P155) is like Snickers bar turned into pie. There were even some pretzels in it. Enough said! 

And last one I tried was the Banana Cream Pie (P95). I enjoyed the creaminess of this pie. It's not heavy at all!

Pies I didn't get to try because I was so full was the Apple Gruyere Pie (P95)....

 ...and the Key Lime Pie (P135) which I'm sure were superb as well just by the looks of it. And that is why I'm kicking myself in the butt until now. Memo: No matter how full, TASTE TASTE TASTE!!!

Chef Ed shares that he is planning to make themed pies soon. Like a pumpkin pie for October, and Cherry Pie and more!

I really really really enjoyed dining here at Pi Breakfast and Pies. Chef Ed just gave me more reasons to love breakfast even more!

Pi Breakfast & Pies Address:
#39 Malingap St., Teachers's Village
Quezon City
(Right beside Pino)
Pi Breakfast & Pies Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Wow! those are sinfully delicious. Thanks for posting, idol!

    The Exaggerated Zeal

    1. You are most welcome, Fred! Nice blog you got there! I'm an honorary Cebuano cuz I went to school there for many years.. nice to see more Cebuanos stumbling on to my blog! I'm going there in October!

  2. Wow. Everything were kinda pricey and I'm so jellyyyy!!! Darn they look so good! all of em especially the eggs Benny ♥

    JM Genobaña

    1. Hi JM! Another blogger from Cebu, I love it!! Hehe.. Don't worry I know how you feel.. I got jelly as well.. It was my wife that went here, not me :(

      Very nice blog! I'm gonna go through it as well to look for more places to eat when I go to Cebu next month!

  3. Hi, delurking for the first time to ask a really important question -- until what time is pi Breakfast and Pies open? I'm thinking of celebrating my birthday there but since my review class ends at 9PM, it might be impossible to check it out. I PM'd Chef Ed over at IG to ask but sadly, he didn't reply. :(

    1. Hi Joan! Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the operating hours.. Chef Ed is out of the country at the moment, which is why he wasn't able to reply... trust me, he tries to respond to everyone when he can :)

  4. Now THAT is what I call raising breakfast to the next level. Plus, I'm thinking that Ed Bugia could be the country's answer to David Chang AND Christina Tosi! - Midge

  5. went there and was very disappointed. :( service sucked and almost the entire menu was out of stock, (on a sunday afternoon no less) :( pies were sad looking too. I'm having doubts if I should give it another try, maybe it was just a bad day....

    1. Dyna, Sorry to hear about your bad experience!

      I had a conversation with Chef Ed a few weeks back and he did mention that the turnout has been far greater than he expected, and so they had to restructure their purchasing and inventory setup to accommodate the demand! I'm guessing them being out of stock means their food is good and worth going back for! Hopefully by then, they'd have worked out the kinks in their inventory :)

      Rina is the one that tried this food, and she said the service was fine. I have yet to go for myself, and I plan too very soon.. I'll let you know how it goes when I do!

  6. Hi Richie, maybe you can forward this to them.

    Went there last Saturday with my husband and two friends. Order one dish for each of us and an omelette to be shared by my friend and I. When the omelette was served it was wrong(we ordered bacon, onion and 3 kinds of cheese), so we had to send it back. After who knows how long, the new omelette was served and surprise! surprise! it was wrong AGAIN! They can't do a simple omelette right. The wait staff came over to our table and confirm our order as written on his order slip, he got it right so I don't know how the kitchen staff had messed it up. I did not bother to have it replaced again as it was starting to dampen my happy mood(DLSU won!). I usually am particular about service and would always give a feedback but I was again too happy to be stressed out by talking with a manager/supervisor and give my complaint. Though the wait staff was apologetic, no manager or supervisor approached us. They just gave me a free cookie and that was that. It seems that the three restaurant(Pino, Pipino & Pi) share the same kitchen, maybe that's why they got confused with the orders.

    Another thing, we ate at their outdoor table and there was cockroaches near the common toilet.
    Btw, for a place that's called Breakfast and Pies, I was expecting a bigger selection of pies.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Via!

      I'll let Chef Ed know about your feedback. I'm sure he'll appreciate the constructive criticism!

      From what I heard, more pies are coming up :)

  7. That Huevos Rancheros looks so fancy. Love it!

    1. It sure does! I love food that is served in a cast iron skillet! it gives it a more rustic, country style feel!



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