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        People usually find it interesting that between Richie and I, he’s the one who does not drink (at all!) and I’m the one who can take a couple of glasses of cocktails occasionally. I especially love frozen margarita with lotsa salt! (Missing weekends at Chilli’s with my ex-office mates! Huhuhu!)

        But truthfully I never really enjoyed wine (unless it’s my sister-in-law’s special red wine with sprite... I think it’s sprite...) Aaaaanyway, I find the taste of wine a bit too bitter for my liking. I would try but only end up taking 2-3 sips and that’s it.

        And it was only until a few days ago when I finally appreciated the pleasure of drinking wine. It was during the wine pairing at The Cake Club that I started to understand that wine is best enjoyed when paired with the right stuff. 

       Or in this case, when paired with the right dessert! 

          It was explained to us that the wines sort of play a role in the mouth to complement what you’re eating. Either to cut through the strong taste or some just really blends well with the food.

        First I would like to explain that we really don’t know squat about wines. I’m just telling my experience and opinion as I go. So to wine experts, I have copied the exact description of the wines provided by Diamond Hotel just for you so it’ll make more sense.

        Hold on let me whip out my notes. Yes I take notes. The names of the wine are too much for my memory to handle...

COLOMBELLE, from Southwest France:

         Colombelle Red (merlot, tannat, cabernet sauvignon) – “generous aromas of black currant, plum, and hints of licorice. Round and silky in the mouth with a fresh fruity finish. Good to pair with any cakes!
My take: It had just the right acidity. Not that bitter. Quite good!


       Colombelle White (colombard, ugni blanc, listan) – “ with floral and exotic fruit notes. Round on the palate. Accompanied by flavours of ripe fruit, pineapple, and white peach. Smooth and tasty balance. Goes well with Ispahan, Cecilla, and L’Obsession cakes from The Cake Club

         My take: it was too bitter for me. But as soon as I drank it with a bite of the Ispahan (Photographed above. A fruity cake which was very sweet), the bitterness and the sweetness battled in my mouth. And it was good!

LAMADORO, from Puglia, Italy:

        Lamadoro Primitivo (Primitivo) – “semi-dri dark red with aromas of berries and other forest fruits adding a hint of liqueur on the nose. Pleasant on the palete, fruity and delicate but well-focused with a moderately long finish. Wine that is best drank before or after dessert”

      My take: It really was good with the Cheesecake that they paired it with. Because it cleanses the palete so you can enjoy the taste of your meal more.

       Lamadoro Bianco (verdicchio, sauvignon blanc) – “Very easy to drink and refreshing. Also refreshes the palate. Good to pair with Supermoist Chocolate Cake.

       My take: This was one of my favourites. The level of bitterness was just right to be able to cut through the richness of the chocolate cake. With this, every bite of the chocolate cake really does feel like the first bite. And of course because the cake was so good on it’s own (very good and moist!), I finished my whole share. Tsk tsk...

           DOLCETTO D’ALBA from Piedmont, Italy (Dolcetto) – “Dry red wine noted for it’s juicy fruit character. Low level of acidityand mild tannins. Aromas are reminiscence of lavender violets with hints of almonds. Good to pair with Guia, Le Reve, and Le Royale for a nutty flavour.”

           My take: I didn’t find this red wine too strong as well that’s why I liked it. The taste blends well with the goodness that is Le Royale (darkish chocolatey taste!)

           (photo of the next wine cake pair to be added soon. I think I was getting woozy at this point. Either I just missed uploading it, or I didn't get to take a photo of it at all...*hic*)

          BOOURGOGNE: ALIGOTE from Burgundy (Aligote) – “Dark yellow color. Dry, crisp, and elegant everyday drinking wine. Refreshing with vibrant acidity. Balances the sweetness of Le Royal, Vanessa, Ispahan, and Guia”

        My take: I found this one strong. I guess that’s why they again paired it with the sweet cakes with fresh fruits.

       VOUVRAY: VIN SEC from Loire, Valley (sauvignon blanc) – “Gold color. Has aromas of lavender, grapes, honey and marzipan. This is translated in the palate, with a slightly sweet finish. Can pair with any cakes”

         My take: I think this was what we had during dinner as well. It was okay. But for me it didn’t really stand out as much as this one:

        CLOS DES  VERDOTS MOELLEUX, form Southwest France (muscadelle, sauvignon blanc, Semillon)
– “Supple and fruity, bright white in color, more fruits experienced on the mouth and nose with smooth and silky tannins. Lengthy finish. Goes well with Danielle, Guia, Baked Cheesecake. Try it with Diamond Ensaymada for an exotic experience!”

         My take: It’s the sweetest out of everything that it’s almost more like a grape juice. That’s why I loved it so much! This is my favorite out of all of the wines that night.

           This was our second time to dine at The Cake Club and again it was a pleasure. So far everything we’ve tried here is delicious. Both savory and sweet. Will be blogging more about the food soon. 

Oh and don’t forget to try their truffle fries! It’s to die for!

 Thanks Cake Club for making me appreciate wine. You’re the first to do so!

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  1. those sweets I love them all hihihi.. I'm not into wine kasi :) I really like visiting your blog every now and then just to make myself hungry LOL! :) Love all your food post.. very informative specially if we are looking for something new about food. :)

    1. I'm not much of a drinker either, Lei! In fact, I don't drink at all.. but I eat ALOT hehe..

      I'm glad you're enjoying my blog, Lei :)

  2. Oh wow! The desserts truly looked stunning :) I like the cheesecake!
    Kaibril's Sweet Life - Delicious desserts

  3. I love cream liquors! The taste is so much better than anything else you could try.



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