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       Was my first impression as soon as I saw the facade of Wafu Greenhills. From the outside you could see that it has a high ceiling and it looked so classy and well-decorated. But as soon as I stepped inside, I was wowed even more.

The interiors are really beautiful and unique. This got me excited as to how the food will be like. If this is how they decorated the place, imagine what their food tastes like?

       We were there to try their special Teppanyaki Treat which is currently on 50% off as a treat to their anniversary. (Mechanics of how to avail the 50% off later on.) As the greeter girl lead me inside and into the 2nd floor, I couldn't help but be amazed at the interiors. The weaved chairs that somehow gives you a bit of privacy, the little bridge over the little pond, the high ceilings, the booths, everything was spectacular!

2nd floor
       Okay I'm getting side-tracked by the interiors hehe. As I was saying, I was lead to the 2nd floor where the Teppanyaki media day was being held. A few had already arrived and the chef already started cooking. I was just in time to grab the last seat at the table where the chef was cooking.

       Oh but first let me explain the beauty of this Teppanyaki Treat. It’s a 12-course sit-down Teppanyaki-Omakase (Omakase apparently means “Trust the Chef”). The 12-course meal is consist of beef, chicken, pork, seafood, veggies, sushi sampler, dessert, and unlimited fried rice and beverage. Plus a complimentary round or sake, wine, or beer. Wow just listing that down made me full!

1st course – Miso Soup. A good way to start a meal. Miso soup for me is like stretching before you exercise haha! (Just like Joey’s explanation on Friends)

2nd course – Wafu House Salad. I really liked the onion dressing. Tasted vinaigrette-y. In fact I liked it so much that I had to stop myself from licking the plate clean. If only this weren’t a classy place haha! The salad also had crispy salmon skin which I think was the reason for the salty taste that I loved so much.

3rd course – Tofu Steak. Again I loved the sauce they used. According to the waiter it was mushroom sauce. It was sweet and savory at the same time. This is the second tofu dish I liked so far.

4th course – U.S. Hanger Steak. I enjoyed the wasabi pepper sauce of this. It also had shimeiji mushrooms. For me though it could have used a bit more salt.

5th course – Blue Marlin. This one I believe was my favorite. I love mayo on my food (Not a lot of people like mayo but I really do!) I love the creaminess it adds to my tongue. It just has so much flavour!

6th course- Hard Seared Sous Vide Chicken. This one I found very tender and juicy. Again, I loved the teriyaki sauce it came with. A good mix of sweet and salty. I loved the sauce so much I wanted to eat the sauce alone with my rice.

7th course – Grilled Salmon. This was my second favorite because again its sauce was may-based. According to the chef the sauce was a mix of mayo, onion, garlic, and more.\

8th course – Ebi Tempura. It had a good breading to shrimp ratio. The breading wasn’t too thick.

9th course – U.S. Tenderloin. Served saikoro style (meaning bite-sized) They were soft and seasoned well. But again, the sauce was the highlight for me. Might have been the same as the teriyaki sauce? I could be wrong. But anyway it was good!

10th course – Dorado Fish. Served with house made mango salsa.

11th course- Sushi Sampler. Huge rolls of sushi that will fill your mouth with flavors!

12th course – Wafu Ice Cream! Notice the exclamation point. I love ice cream hehe. We had some sort of coffee flavored ice cream. It was quite good!

       Apart from the yummy sauces, I had a great time watching the chef cook all the courses with such finesse. I also liked his energy and how he engaged with us. I thought I wasn’t going to get too full because of the small servings but boy was I wrong! I was so full that I didn’t get to finish some of my food including the tempura (which is weird because I always finish my tempura). Anyway it’s a great experience! And you should try this too while they’re on 50% off!

This promo is only until September 30 so read carefully! The 50% off can be availed in three ways:
1. You are an existing Elite Card Club cardholder
2. Make a reservation this September.
3. Like our Facebook account and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Mechanics from WAFU's Facebook Account:

The first 100 social media supporters that will make reservations can get a 50% off our Teppanyaki Treat, valid until September 30, 2013.

The guest must like our Facebook account and follow us on Twitter and Instagram: WAFUGreenhills

He/she must send WAFU Greenhills a private message through Facebook with TEPPANYAKI TREAT as subject, include a contact number and specify the exact date when he/she is going to visit Wafu for the Teppanyaki Treat. Also, include all names included in the group.

He/she must print out/take a screenshot of his/her private message and a proof that he/she has liked us on Facebook and followed us on Twitter and Instagram : WAFUGreenhills

Valid until September 30, 2013.

Teppanyaki Treat is available on:
Wednesday and Thursday dinner only.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday both lunch and dinner.

For more information, you may call: 0917-8770101, 570-3242, or 570-3364. 
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