Tuesday, September 17, 2013


       It was almost lunch time when I got a text from my wife asking where she and her sister (my sister-in-law) can eat that’s one-of-a-kind but good. Something they haven’t tried yet. (I am actually getting used to being the restaurant guru to my relatives

       But then she remembered that she only had a little amount of money left in her wallet. On a normal day I would probably have gotten worried but not this time. Thankfully I knew I had some cash left in my ATM from the rebates that I got from Security Bank. Yes, that’s correct! Security Bank gives rebates in the form of cash which is so much more practical than getting freebies in establishments I’m usually not so into. This way we get to choose how and where to enjoy our rebates.    

Kanto was featured in Manila Standard Newspaper

       Case in point, I suddenly remembered this perfect place which we’ve been wanting to try in Mandaluyong that I think they would enjoy. We’ve been hearing about this incredible little place there that serves breakfast food 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s wittingly called Kanto – Freestyle Breakfast. And so I told my wife over the phone to go and try the place out since they were in the area already, and I also told her to withdraw the extra cash I got from my rebates. That should be more than enough and she can even treat her sister!  

       Here’s a shot of the facade. Not much of a facade, huh? Now you know why it’s called “Kanto”. It’s definitely not a place where you can swipe your credit card.It looks just like your typical Carinderia Simply because it IS a Carinderia!

But it's a one-of-a-kind Carinderia wherein all the people dining there had a huge touch screen smart phone haha!

They even have laminated hand-out menus!

 But as "low-class" as this place may seem from the outside, you won’t believe the dishes that flies out of their kitchen!

Eating time!

       This is Kanto’s best-selling pancakes, the Mixed Berry Berry (P90). The pancake itself had a lot of room for improvement, especially considering Rina had a hard time cutting it with her spoon. Nonetheless, she said the mixed berry topping was good, without being overly sweet.

       And for a 3-stack pancake with fruits for only P90, you can’t go wrong!

       Rina being Rina, she had to order something with rice. So she ordered the Batangas Beef Tapa (P90). It came with garlic rice, 2 eggs freestyle, and tomato pesto. The tapa was quite soft, and the taste had a mix of saltiness and a bit of citrusy taste from the calamansi. They both quite liked it. The tomato pesto was the unique part! It went really well with the tapa, breaking the garlicy taste. You’d have to take Rina’s word for it because as you know, tomato is my personal kryptonite (Darn Acids).

       My sister in law ordered Bacon and Eggs (P90). Of course they had to order bacon! And Rina says she appreciated the fact that the crispy bacon serving was just right.  “Just right”, meaning more than 2 strips. This was also served with garlic rice, 2 eggs freestyle and tomato pesto.

       And for dessert, my sister in law wanted to try the Deep Fried Oreos (P50). As excited as they were to try it, they were ultimately disappointed in the end. The problem could have stemmed from the oil they (over)used?. But even the batter wasn’t so great. And the Oreo was very much intact and still a bit hard. Too bad.

Prices under 100!
       But you know, one can’t really complain because the price is really very affordable. And considering the set-up and ambiance is just that of a Carinderia (complete with fly and street cats and dogs), the plating is very decent and clean, and Rina only paid around P300+ for everything (including her sister’s food). 

       The place is so popular that they get a lot of orders from walk-ins as well as deliveries (Yes they deliver!) Check out this order of 10 meals for delivery!

       I was really glad that they got their tummies satisfied with the rebate I got from Security Bank.  Security Bank, you did it again! Thank you!

       Do you have any hole-in-the-wall restaurants you’d like to spend your cash rebates on? Something unique that you don’t get to try every day? Share them and join Security Bank’s Cash Rewards Facebook promo! The more unique the food or item is, the bigger chances of winning P5,000 weekly! Click here for more information!

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  1. Sayang we live just nearby!!! Would have loved to join Rina on this one :)

  2. WoW! I have been planning to go there! I heard everything is super affordable! Wahahaha! Ms. Michy!!! Sama ako when you go to their Marikina branch! Hehehe

  3. parang ihop lang o! :)ang sosyal pati ng plates e haha! will try this out too :)

  4. a piece of advice for soon to be customers: bring with you a good amount of patience you’ll sure be needing it :) and bring a pen just in case the order taker doesn’t have one :D

    all the same, enjoy the all-day breakfast fare!

    1. Great advice, January.. hehe.. The orders really did take quite a long time

  5. Been there already! The food is really good and affordable! :)) Kaya lang yun nga medyo matagal sila magserve :)

  6. Their pancakes are way better than IHOPs puto sa bilao like pancakes! - guaranteed!

  7. I tried going there last Sunday and it was horrible! We spent over an hour going around looking for it because of the roadblocks and worse, we never found it! The Tapa King street was also closed down and when we were somewhere in San joaquin and asked where Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is, the people we asked were clueless!

    Can anybody give me better directions? Google maps does not show the roadblocks and stuff. :(



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