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     I believe it was in my 2012 year-ender post that I stated that my goals for 2013 would be to incorporate more travel posts to my blog, which would also include a "Staycation" Series. My plan was to make the most out of those deals from various Group Buying sites, and come up with at least one or two Staycation weekends, and possibly one fly out of town trip by the year ends. 

     Never in my wildest dreams did I even consider that I would be flown out to Davao by a world class hotel chain to cover the fun filled festivities of the popular Kadayawan Festival! 

     I had been to Davao before. But like most cities in the provinces that I have  had the pleasure of touring, the most I had truly ever seen were the malls. Case in point.. I was at Davao just last November for work, and again, the most memorable landmark I saw was SM Lanang Premier, which was where the conference I had attended was held. 

      Which was quite sad really, because Davao is much more than that. So much more. Its an incredibly beautiful city, rich in varied cultures, yet undeniably Filipino. 

       For the first time in my life, I would be visiting Davao as a tourist, and Marco Polo Hotel Davao made sure that, Rina and I, together with the other amazing members of our travel group would have the time of our lives. We go to experience one of the Philippine's greatest cities with the full Marco Polo Hotel VIP treatment. 

     So began our wonderful stay in Davao, courtesy of Marco Polo Hotel Davao.  

           After our flight (which was slightly delayed, but we landed safely, so I'll take it) arriving tourists are met by some cultural dancers at the baggage claim area, to help give you a taste of that rich culture that the region has to offer. 

           After a 20-25 minute drive from the airport to the center of the city's bustling business and commercial district, we arrived at the towering Marco Polo Hotel. Call me weird, but something about seeing that horse logo got me excited for the upcoming days! 

            As we entered the lobby of the hotel, we were greeted by a stunning display of portraits with none other than the Philippine Eagle as its subject. The small exhibit was put up in support of the Philippine Eagle Foundation with its intention being to raise public responsiveness in emphasizing the Philippine Eagle’s importance in our culture and ecosystem.

            Marco Polo Davao has a classic, luxury hotel feel to it. something that I truly enjoy. Sometimes, hotels have the tendency to go all modern and ends up inadvertently feeling a little "cold", but the welcoming vibe of Marco Polo resonated throughout the entire lobby - a fact that was even further augmented by the warmth of the members of the hotel staff. 

     I knew from the onset that this was a hotel I could easily get comfortable in.   

          Speaking of getting comfortable, within minutes, my buddy Gerry made himself right at home, making an effort to get up close and personal with the lovely customer service representative that welcomed us in her traditional garb. 


          Before we went up to our rooms, we sat down to unwind at the Lobby Lounge of the hotel.. A place that would be the groups meeting place throughout the trip.

           The Lobby Lounge is a great place to sit down and relax, and watch the world go by. You could have some drinks or light mealsAnd as we would find out later on, the favorite place for Davaeños to go "Star Gazing".. More on that later hehe..

           Just before we went up, we were treated to a refreshing Pomelo infused shake. The Pomelo is popular fruit in Davao. In fact, in the weeks leading to my trip, whenever I would tell a friend or relative I would be going to Davao, I would get a request for a box of Pomelo.

       It was only when calculated how heavy all these boxes would be that I realized I needed to stop telling people that I was going to be going to Davao. 

        The Marco Polo name is synonymous with a world class standard of providing comfort and warmth to a weary traveler. The new Premiere Room at Marco Polo Davao was the perfect embodiment of that legacy of excellence. 

         The bed alone was almost good enough to make me want to write a letter to the Department of Tourism and submit it as a must not miss landmark in Davao. It was one of those beds that just sink you into it, and  were darn near perfect. If not for the threat of missing out of the great sights of the city, I think I could have stayed lying down there throughout the entire trip, glued to the flat screen TV mounted on the wall.

         The room isn't just appealing to families, but to businessmen on the go as well. A desk is there for some needed paperwork, while broadband access is readily available.

           Rina was giddy when she found out that the room had its own Caffitaly Capsule System. I don't drink coffee myself, but she loves the stuff, so she's going to expound on it in her her blog soon. 

             The bathroom was also spacious enough for you to do your .. umm.. "thang".. Whatever that "thang" may be. (We don't judge here at I also loved the clear glass partition at the shower.  

        And that's all I'm going to say about that. Hehe.

            The room also offered a spectacular view of the city, which was the perfect way to witness the growing metropolis of Davao in all its glory..

             Truly a City In Bloom. 

      Although I noticed it didn't have a Kiddie Pool, I'm still sure Rina and I would have loads of fun with Baby Rain at Marco Polo's Swimming pool. 

             The pool deck also had a very comfortable waiting area, where you could order snacks and sandwiches on a nice, sunny day, after an afternoon swim. 

               One of the highlights of my stay at Marco Polo Davao, was my Three Hour Spa Treatment at Lazuli Spa. Yes, you read that right. THREE HOURS. 

       Rina and I have an agreement that when we win the lottery, we would visit a spa at least twice a month. 

        The rooms in Lazuli area as luxurious as they come. The room we were given had it's own steam bath within the shower, its own toilet, and a little couch.

     The steam bath was the perfect place for me to find my center and do a little meditation. 

      My three hour Spa Treatment consisted of 1/2 hour Full body Massage, 1 Hour Body Scrub, and a 30 Minute Facial treatment. 

      And on another note, I had no idea my ass was so huge until I saw this picture. 

      Getting a Body scrub was a surreal experience. They used a Coffee Grounds Rub on me, and it was really quite enjoyable feeling of cleansing afterwards. Although I must admit, Afterwards, I needed a shower, because I found coffee grains in crevices of my body that weren't meant to have coffee grains. 

    They have disposable undies for you to use so you're more comfortable, but I have no pics of me in that (Except in my cellphone #Selfie).  

Nailed it. 

                Afterwards, I dropped by the Fitness Center to see what they had, in case.. You know.. I felt like lifting some weights or something.. 

            Marco Polo Davao's Fitness Center was quite impressive. It has a good selection of gym equipment to choose from, in case you want to get in a good workout before your day starts. It also has a good sized studio, where I believe some Aerobics classes (or the sort) are held.

        My only qualm is, the punching bag in the studio seems to be a tad bit too high. But that's just my two cents. 

       Marco Polo Davao was my home for four days and three nights, and you know what? It was nowhere near enough. With it's ideal location, luxurious ameneties, impeccable service- and I haven't even gotten into telling you all about the food yet- Marco Polo is THE hotel to stay in when you're in Davao.  

     Our Trip was made possible by the amazing team from Marco Polo Davao, led by their General Manager, Mr. Anthony Tan, Director Of Sales & Marketing, Emelyn Muhay, and our tireless guides, Media Communications Officer Patty Basa Tan, and PR Assistant, Phoebe Kaye Reyes. 

This is just the beginning of our Davao Adventure! 

Watch out for the next posts... Cuz it's going to be filled with FOOD, including three restaurants of Marco Polo.. Cafe Marco, Polo Bistro, and Lotus Court!!! 

Marco Polo Davao
81540 CM Recto St, Davao City
Philippines 8000

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  1. Oh wow! you were here? Thanks for dropping here in our beautiful place

    1. Hi Donna!

      Yes I was there for Kadayawan! We really had a wonderful time! I was amazed with how beautiful Davao is.. I can't wait to go back :)

  2. A really nice place to relax. I wanna go there!

    1. Highly recommended Charlene :) You'll have a blast!



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