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        Richie and I were in SM Aura a couple of days back for a certain event, when we passed by McDonald's to get her favorite Shake Shake fries (Triple cheese flavor), when we noticed that McDonald's had some new McFlurry flavors! Naturally, we just had to try it! And we had a feeling that Rain will love it too. Why? Because there are cereals in it!!!

crunchy creamy mcflurry

         It's sort of like breakfast and dessert rolled into one because they threw in famous breakfast cereals into the McFlurry. Thus, the Crunchy Creamy McFlurry was born! We knew it was something we had to try!

crunchy creamy mcflurry

 Fudgy McFlurry with Nestle KoKo Krunch

crunchy creamy mcflurry

 Caramel McFlurry Nestle Honey Gold Flakes!

crunchy creamy mcflurry

Of course we tried both

crunchy creamy mcflurry

        Since I'm more of a chocolate person, I enjoyed the KoKo Krunch more. I like it better since it's not too sweet. However, I found the Honey Gold Flakes too sweet for my liking because of the caramel. But Caramel lovers for sure will get a kick out of this one.

crunchy creamy mcflurry

Soft and smooth ice cream with crunchy cereal bits!

crunchy creamy mcflurry

Best to be eaten immediately to retain crunchiness of the cereal!

mcdonalds shake fries

        As usual, I enjoyed pairing my sundae with my Three Cheese Shake fries (which she refuses to share all the time haha!)

crunchy creamy mcflurry

Can't go wrong with a McFlurry!

        We soon had an ice cream and fries night at home. And as expected, Rain loved it. She also loved pairing it with fries. She really takes after her dad when it comes to potatoes. It was a good night of ice cream and BFF fries!

Only P49! Available in all McDonalds stores!

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