Tuesday, September 2, 2014



           I don't take very many "Selfies", unless it's with food. FNothing against people that do, but personally, I can never seem to frame my face perfectly into the shot, so I usually get half of my face or something like that. Not to mention, in the scope of things, I don't think I'm good looking enough to make a "Selfie" a constant part of my Instagram feed. I'm not putting myself down, i'm just, as those youngsters say, "Keeping it Real" (Do they still say that?).
          But if you told me that my selfies could win a Chocolate Buffet from a Five star Hotel, then i'll be Selfie friggin Master! A Chocolate Buffet? My selfies would make Kim Kardashian look like a recluse! 

          Well, in honor of International Chocolate Day, Makati Shangri-la has issued us a challenge for a chance to win so amazing prizes. 

          Are you up for it? I know I am!           

Makati Shangrila is holding a "Sinfully Selfie" Instagram contest where contestants can win  these two amazing prizes:

Chocolate buffet for TWO at the Lobby Lounge 


An EXCLUSIVE Chocolate Making Class with Executive Pastry Romain Renard!

        It's easy to join! Just post your most creative selfie with any Sinfully product on Instagram from August 29 until September 13. You must tag @MakatiShangrila and use the hashtag #SinfullySelfie. 

The contestant with the most likes gathered by 5pm on September 13 wins!!!

But f you don't win, don't worry! There's still a treat for you! Just present your #SinfullySelfie post at Sinfully Circles  on September 13 (10am onwards), and you will get a complimentary truffle! Everyone's a winner!

        So start instagraming now with any Sinfully product! Best of luck!!!

Lo and Behold.. 

Click Here if the Instagram embed Widget doesn't work!
Please like the photo so I'll have a chance to win.. 
And join as well!

                          (Ayoko pa mag "Selfie" sa lagay na yan ha?)

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