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     My blog entries about Bellevue Bohol would not be complete without me telling you about our food!  Here's a rundown of some of the delicious dishes from Bellevue Bohol that completed our amazing trip! 


        Despite the fact I was feeling a little loopy from the winding car ride going up and down the Chocolate Hills, I arrived at Bellevue Resort Bohol absolutely famished. Good thing our hosts had dinner prepared for us at Cena, a nice, open air restaurant located on the second floor of the resort's dining Pavilion. 

        Since I had just come from a session of hurling, I was hoping to get something more substantial than the first course served to us, which was the Banana Blossom Salad and Kinilaw na Tanigue served with Fresh Garden Greens and Balsamic Reduction. Although quite admittedly, for a salad, this is on the heavier side, it was still indeed, a salad, therefore I wasn't too interested in it. But Rina enjoyed the Pinoy twist, with the inclusion of the banana blossom and Kinilaw. 

          The Filipino Clam Chowder was filled with lots of clams and other vegetables, making it very hearty. The touch of tomato gave the dish an added zing that isn't there in the traditional cream based version. I enjoyed it, but had to be a little wary when eating it because of the tomato, and given the fact that my stomach was still in recovery mode. 

        Rina gladly had my share, once she demolished hers. 

        I was looking for meat so badly, I nearly shed a tear of joy upon seeing our servers bring out the US Tenderloin on Tomato Risotto, served with Pepper Sauce and Vegetable Spring Rolls. 

        Tenderloin is admittedly my least favorite cut of steak, but the tenderness on this slab of beef could not be denied. You could easily tear out a piece with your fork and spoon, and when you bite into it, it practically melts in your mouth. 

         The tomato risotto had great consistency to it, and the bold flavor of tomato was a nice compliment to the savoriness of the beef. Again, Rina finished off my risotto. See why I fell in love with her? 

        Bellevue delivered a knockout blow when they served the White Chocolate Mousse with Almond Brownies served with Fruit Compote as the grand finale. The great creaminess on the White Chocolate (Although it was a little too dense to be classified as "mousse" in my opinion) that enveloped the almond brownie (that had a surprising crunch to it), mixed perfectly with the tartness of the fruit compote, preventing the richness from becoming too overwhelming.
       This time, I ate Rina's share! Hehe


          After immersing ourselves the entire day at the beach, we still couldn't get enough of Bohol's powder-like sandy shores! Our gracious hosts prepared dinner on the beach for us! There's nothing like the sea breeze blowing through your hair as you dine on some of the finest islands catch! (Or in my case.. plate of fatty pork hehe).


    We were treated to a sumptuous eat all you can dinner, with some incredible dishes including some classic favorites, such as a salad bar, and Fresh Lumpia..

         Spring Rolls and Crab Relleno..

Rina loved the Halabos na Hipon

I kinda stay away from the Kalderatang Kambing.. Sorry, too exotic for me!

There was enough someone manning a grill station.. 

           So we could get Tuna Panga and Salmon

And BBQ Chicken and Liempo.. Straight from the grill! 

         Bellevue even brought out their Stone Oven to the beach to bake Sisig Pizzas for us! 

            Without a doubt, the star of the show was the Lechon Kawali. The sight of the hunks of fatty pork blanketed in its own crackling skin was too irresistible for me to pass up. Every crunch I made seemed to echo to the next island. 

Though we were provided with some native delicacies for dessert, such as Budbod and this white thingamajig in the bottom..

Also the popular Visayan dessert/merienda, "Binignit"...

        I chose to focus my remaining stomach space on the delicious "Mango Float"..

           As well as the moist and flavorful, "Peanut Butter Rolls"!

           Baby Rain had loads of fun playing in the Sand.. I really can foresee loads of trips to the beach with this little girl as she grows up! 

The KTG leaves their mark on the Bellevue Beach! 

Here's a short video Rina made, that sums up how awesome our trip was!

Check out the awesome evening we had (3:35), which included dance numbers from Sugar and Spice, The Tummy Traveler and Chuckie Dreyfus, as well as Song numbers by Spanky and Chuckie..

Including a tender moment between Chuckie and I.. 


       The only time we got to attack the bacon breakfast buffet during our trip to Bohol was on our last day. The day prior, we skipped the buffet in order to go Dolphin Watching. This time, however, nothing was going to stand in the way of me and my bacon.. Think I got enough?

            Lamian is the Airconditioned restaurant of Bellevue Bohol. They are supposedly open during meal times, however I noticed that they seemed to only be open during breakfast. 

     I decided to skip the impressive selection of breads in order to make room for the heavier entrees.

Like the deep fried Danggit, which I crumbled into my garlic rice..

Rina preferred the combination of Fried Squid and Vinegar..

         The juicy Sausages went perfectly with...

         The fried potato wedges!

           Of course, I was very happy with their bacon.. What was nice about it was that the Lamian was fully aware of how important Bacon is to its guests, so whenever one platter looked like it was running low, it was promptly re-filled. 

         Any restaurant that puts that much value into bacon, is fine by me!

           The Bread Pudding was also very good, although it was missing the Vanilla cream sauce that I normally associate with Bread Pudding.

        Baby Rain chose to feast on her Coco Crunch Cereal (different choices of cereal are available!), that honestly looked so good, I was tempted to take a few bites myself!


        "The Marea", is Bellevue's al fresco restaurant at the ground floor of the Dining Pavilion and features an array of International dishes, and is open from Lunch time till midnight. On certain days, there is an outdoor showing of some movies that seem to be a hit with the families! 

             The open air completes your Bohol beach vibe even when dining..

          Dishes include the Baby Back Ribs, which strangely seemed a bit closer to adobo than the usual Baby Back that I'm used to. Although it was quite tender and I enjoyed it with the mango salsa..

         While Rina continued to satisfy her seafood cravings with the Grilled Shrimp in Garlic and butter!

        The beautiful resort, the overflowing food, and the stunning call of the sea, is what makes Bellevue Resort Bohol the ideal place to stay in when you're in Bohol.  

      Thank you to everyone behind the Bellevue Group, especially Mr. Ryan Chan, for their most gracious hospitality!  

For further inquiries on the Bellevue Group of Hotels, visit their website at www.thebellevue.com



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