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executive suite

        Sometimes we need a break from our everyday routine and will want to stay in a different relaxing place other than our own homes. But at the same time you don't really want to travel that far. So I guess a nice staycation in a nice hotel in the metro would be ideal, right?

        What if I told you that you could book a very nice and elegant place in the heart of Ortigas Center, and at the same time enjoy a classy three-course dinner with wine beautifully set up in your lavish room? Yes dear readers. It can be done!!!!  Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila presents you the Stay, Wine, and Dine in Style happening this month as part of their 5th year anniversary on September 9th!

        When you book an overnight stay on a one-bedroom suite for only P8,888 nett, or a two-bedroom suite for only P12,888 nett, you can avail of Oakwood's Stay, Wine, and Dine room package! And in this awesome new package, you get to have an exquisite dinner in the comfort of your lavish room, plus another surprise! Let me give you a walk-though...

hotel promo

        As soon as you enter your beautiful suite, you will see envelopes placed by the mail table. These envelopes are important! But will get to that later. It's a surprise! First let's take a tour of the 3 Bedroom Executive Suite. The Media launch was held there because obviously we needed more space.


executive suite

        Upon entering, you will see the dining table set up. Normally, it contains only one dining table. But they were able to fit 2 rectangular dining tables in the 3 bedroom suite just for this event. That's how spacious it was.

executive suite kitchen

        It's so spacious that it has a huge kitchen! With sliding doors too so the smell of whatever's cooking won't spread as much throughout the suite.

executive suite

By the window is a nice receiving area. Now, off to the rooms!

hotel room

        This is not the master's bedroom. This is actually the third room. And I'm sure you will be surprised as me when you find out that this is considered the "Yaya's room". Well, at least that's the case for the ex-pats that are actually residing at Oakwood. Impressive, right? :-)

comfort room

The comfort room...


The shower...

oakwood room

Next is room number 2. It has two single beds. A perfect for the kiddos! Although I noticed it doesn't have a TV. 

masters bedroom

And behold! The huge and beautiful master's bedroom!

hotel room

        It has a dresser, a nice flat screen TV, and still has a lot of space at that! I think you can actually do yoga or hip hop abs in front of the TV.

tv in bath tub

And this is my favorite part of the whole room! The master's toilet and bath! Dual sinks...

bath tub

A really pretty bath tub... and hold on... what's that by the sink?!

tv in bathroom

Yes. A flat-screen TV! In the bathroom!!! How awesome is that?!?!?!?! But that's not all!


        This is the shower. Nice and spacious! (If I have P100 for every time I typed spacious here I would be rich haha!) But wait! Why is there a bench inside the shower?...

steam bath

        ...Because it actually has a STEAM BATH!!!!!!!! WINNER!!!! You can fix yourself a relaxing and rejuvenating steam bath with just a press of a button! 

        Now that you've had a sneak peak of what to expect from Oakwood's rooms, let's move on over to the Wine and Dine part


gold china

        As mentioned earlier, when you avail of the Stay, Wine, and Dine promo, you basically experience room service on a whole new level! Classy table settings, meals, wine, the works!


        You will have a three-course meal, and you get to choose your main entree from seafood, or meat, or a bit of both! 

        We started off with the Soup of the Day which was the Shrimp Bisque. And I really liked it. Creamy and hearty. Good balance of flavors, and it didn't have much fishy taste. 

Moving over to the main entree. You can choose from the following delicious selections:

Norwegian salmon

The Norwegian Salmon
Char grilled Norwegian Salmon sitting on sauteed vegetables, truffled mashed potatoes with maitre d' butter.


The U.S. Striploin
Char broiled U.S. strip loin resting on a bed of delicious truffle mashed potatoes. (I love anything truffle!) Comes with sauteed spring vegetables, with Bearnaise sauce. 

surf and turf

Or you can have what I had... the Surf and Turf
Char grilled beef tenderloin and jumbo prawn served with truffle mashed potato, sauteed spring vegetables, with  Bearnaise and mushroom sauce. Really good! Beef is very soft and prawn is really tasty!

All meals are accompanied with a glass of house wine.

new zealand ice cream

And for dessert, the New Zealand Vanilla Ice Cream ...

ice cream with fudge

        ...topped with hot chocolate sauce! My oh my! This definitely was the best way to cap off the amazing three course meal!

The Surprise

raffle prize

        Oh, and going back to the mail table where envelopes were placed, this is another amazing perk that you will get with the Stay, Wine, and Dine. You get to pick a prize! And this will give you the chance to win amazing prizes such as buffet for two, classy desserts, or you can also win an overnight stay!

        The amenities included in this promo are of course, free wifi, free use of the gym, and the kids' play area and their heated pool! (Yes, heated!!!)

        On top of all that, you get 25% discount on their buffet breakfast. The Stay, Wine and Dine started last August 1, and will be ongoing until September 30, 2014. 

So book now and have a relaxing staycation with all this amazing perks at Oakwood Hotel!

Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila
17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center
Pasig City

For reservations, call +632 637 7888
Or email

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