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           I'm always game for a buffet spread that features the gastronomic creations of some of the finest chefs the country has to offer. And truth be told, I've been fortunate to have tasted a number of amazing ones. However, whenever the name "Sau Del Rosario" is entered into the equation, you can be rest assured that you're in for a whole new level of culinary excellence. And perhaps there is no one higher on the dessert food chain right now then Chef Miko Aspiras, so when I found out the two titans of the industry were joining forces to come up with the "Filipino Culinary Pride" Food Festival at Diamond Hotel's Corniche, all bets were off. This is one collaboration that I would not missed for the world! 

       Chef Sau Del Rosario is often seen as one of the Chefs in the forefront of bringing Filipino cuisine to the global stage. Every Filipino dish he whips up in his kitchen is elevated to new heights, without straying too far from the original recipe. 

     For the Filipino Culinary Pride Food Festival, Chef Sau unleashes some of his classic dishes that have created waves here and abroad.

The classic Adobo is given the international treatment with Chef's Sau's Duck Adobo.

Seafood Lovers would absolutely go nuts over the Crab Vermicelli in Crab Fat Sauce

         Even for someone who is usually averse to lengua, I couldn't help but appreciate how stunning the Ox Tongue with Mushrooms looks. Juicy cutlets of Beef Tongue swimming in buttery sauce of corn and mushrooms is more than enough to get your tummy growling.

        Chef Sau served three different types of Lechon Belly Rolls, representing Luzon Visayas and Mindanao, particularly the Luzon Buro, the Visayas Chili-Mango, and the Mindanao Malagos Chevre and Cocoa. Of the three, I enjoyed the Visayas Chili-Mango the most, as the sweetness and touch of spice perfectly complimented the Lechon meat. 

          The Bringhae was Chef Sau's version of Paella or Arroz Valenciana, except using a more gelatinous rice. The consistency of the Rice is stickier, however the taste is just as amazing as you would imagine. 

          The Sisig Paella is one of Chef's iconic dishes, and I believe me when I say, it will be one of the best Pinoy dishes you'll ever try. The richness of the Paella Rice works harmoniously with the Savory Sisig topping, that offers a gentle hint of spice from the Bird's Eye Chili slices.

     Yet another one of Chef Sau's trademark dishes is the Crispy Pork Belly Macadamia Nut Kare Kare, which will easily be among the best Kare Kare dishes you'll ever try in your entire life. Not only does the crispy pork offer a different experience in terms of texture, but the innate creaminess from the macadamia nut sauce is like mana from heaven. 


            Though desserts and pastries are what got his foot into the door, Chef Miko Aspiras has since proven that his skills reach far further than that. His culinary IQ is off the charts, and his understanding of flavor profiles is unreal. I think we can all stop calling Chef Miko a "Rising Star" in the food industry, and acknowledge the fact that the man has arrived, having made a definitive impact on the culinary scene with his out of the box creations. 

     Among his contributions to the Filipino Culinary Pride spread, were several Fruit Inspired desserts, such as the Dayap, which was a Coconut mousse with dayap curd dipped in praline Cocos.

        The Mansanas is a Dulcey-Cinnamon and Granny Smith apple compote dipped in a red glaze with chocolate leaves and twigs.

         The Mangga is a Mango mousse with passion fruit and mango sauce insert, mango Coulis dipped in a gourmet glaze.

The Grape Choux was also quite fantastic!

 The Cherry Made with layers of chocolate sponge, cherry mousse and cherry Chantilly

     The Quezo De Bola Macarons were also absolutely exquisite, and something you must not miss..

          Diamond Hotel was already known for it's excellent Ensaymadas, however that didn't stop Chef Miko from giving it a little twist of his own, by creating Diamond Hotel Giant Ensaymada, using Quezo De Bola instead of Cheddar Cheese for a sharper taste. 

             Chef Miko takes a slice of the giant ensaymade, then flambees it with caramelized Bananas and other good stuff, making it even more awesome. 

          The Filipino Culinary Pride Food Festival is perhaps one of the best buffet spreads I've ever had the privilege of tasting. A collaboration between two Powerhouse Chefs in the caliber of Sau Del Rosario and Miko Aspiras doesn't happen very often, so when it does, you can be rest assured it would be of epic proportions. 

        Join Chef Sau del Rosario and Chef Miko Aspiras on a food heritage journey at the Filipino Culinary Pride Food Festival for Php2,780 nett per person at Corniche! You may purchase vouchers at

For reservations, you may also call (632) 528-3000 loc. 1121 or email

Grnd Flr., Diamond Hotel Philippines
Roxas Boulevard, cor. Dr. J. Quintos Street 
1000 Manila, Philippines

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